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Who I am

I’m Annett, a specialist in international strategic communication, project design, and content creation. Since 2018, I am working as an independent communication consultant. I bring 10+ years of experience in working on European and international projects as well as on EU-wide public awareness-raising campaigns. I have transformed my passion for foreign languages, reading, writing, and meeting people from different cultural backgrounds into my profession.

I will be happy to add value to your projects!

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Client Story Highlights

How can I help you?

Communication. Content. Consulting.



I support you researching ideas and information in order to design innovative projects for your clients, customers and different stakeholder groups.



I identify relevant issues for you and your clients' projects. After a conscious analysis, I come up with hypotheses and creative solutions.


trategic Consulting

I support you in preparing and presenting commercial offers or call for proposals. I give you advice and support during the whole project lifecycle - project design, implementation and evaluation.



I support you in designing, planning, executing and evaluating your international projects and communication campaigns. I also coordinate project partners and external experts.


ontent creation

I create unique and creative on- and offline content on a wide range of topics. Written documents include articles, interviews, press releases, PR material, reports, social media content and newsletters.



I am experienced in raising the awareness of policymakers on specific issues. Next to writing position papers, I identify your key stakeholders and organise encounters with them.


vent management

I provide support in organizing and animating your events, workshops and trainings. My services include working on the event program (methods and contents), practical and organizational issues as well as networking and representation tasks.


ocial media

I create social media strategies and interesting content adapted to your social media channels. I can manage your accounts in order to reach out to your clients and stakeholders. My service includes an analysis of your social media performance related to your objectives.

Services I offer

I know where my strengths lie and engage in lifelong learning.

Clients that appreciate me

Collaborate with me

Customised solutions

Together we analyse and discuss all the necessary steps to achieve your project goals.

Results orientation

I love challenges and have strong problem-solving skills. I always have your objectives and timings in mind.


I work efficiently and cost-effectively knowing about the importance to stay within the limits of your budget.

High-quality performance

I always give my best trying to exceed your expectations so to continue our collaboration in the long-term.

Smooth communication

I appreciate regular and close communication with you so to work as a team towards a common goal.


I have experience in working in ambiguous and fast-pacing work environments and quickly adapt to changes and upcoming needs.

I can help you


I am fluent in German (native), English, French, and Spanish.


I am an effective strategic researcher and transform information in relevant, interesting and creative documents.


My mind, as well as my approaches, are creative. I am used to different idea crafting methods like focus groups and design thinking workshops.


I bring 10+ years of experience working on strategic aspects of EU and international communication campaigns and projects


I have an international vision and intercultural mindset having worked in multicultural teams and in projects aimed at beneficiaries in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.


I always look at the bigger picture and for synergies. The topics I worked on are diverse: education, road safety, mobility, inclusion, innovation, entrepreneurship, health…


I have collaborated with international clients and stakeholders such as the European Commission, UNESCO, private companies such as Renault, and NGOs like Handicap International.


I know how important it is to be able to trust external collaborators when it comes to understanding and analysis of the tasks, the delivered quality and respected timings.

Projects & Clients

Since 2012 I have worked with clients on a variety of projects.

Discover the most important!

Projects 2024

I look forward to working on new, exciting projects & with amazing teams all around Europe and the world!

ICF Next: DG EAC / EC – European Youth Policy Communication activities 2024 – 2026 – Tender Revision / Consulting / Editing

ICF Next: DG COMM / EC – Mixed Multiple FWC for Thematic Communication Services, Lot 2 – Tender Revision / Consulting / Editing

C4E / Eureka: DG RTD / EC – Event management and related communication services – Case Study 1 (thee-full-day event for the promotion of a new EU-funded Programme for Research & Innovation) – Revision / Consulting / Editing

ICF Next: DG ECHO / EC – Integrated communication campaign on rescEU – Tender Revision / Consulting / Editing – WON!

Projects 2023

ICF NEXT: DG ENV / EC – Waterwise Europe – Re-thinking our Approach to Water – Tender Revision / Consulting / Editing – WON!

ICF NEXT: EEA / EC – Provision of audio-visual, multimedia and social media services and products for the European Environment Agency – Tender Revision / Consulting / Editing – WON!

ICF NEXT: DG ECHO / EC – Preparation and dissemination of an integrated communication campaign on the role of the EU in Humanitarian Aid Operations with a focus on those aimed at alleviating food insecurity at a global level – Tender Revision / Consulting / Editing

Projects 2023

PRACSIS: EACEA / DG EAC – Erasmus+ International Students and Alumni Networks – Tender Preparation / Research / Writing

ICF NEXT / Tipik: DG EAC / EC – DiscoverEU Campaign 2023/2024 Edition – Tender Revision / Consulting / Editing > WON!

ICF NEXT: DG ECHO / EC – EU’s Resilience to Climate-Related Disasters in Europe and Worldwide Campaign Phase 2 – Tender Revision / Consulting / Editing > WON!

Phrenos: European Training Foundation – Strategic and Digital Communication Services. Strategic Development, Campaign Design, Digital and Online Communication – General Methodology / Case Study Revision / Consulting / Editing

Projects October – December 2022

ICF NEXT: European Parliament – Interinstitutional FWC for the Provision of Services Linked to Media Strategy, Planning and Buying, Including Associated Services – Revision of the Case Studies / Consulting / Editing

ICF NEXT: DG INTPA / EC – FWC “EVENTS 2020” – Logistics Contract for Coordination with EU MS – General Methodology

ICF NEXT: DG EAC / EC – 2022 Communication Campaign on DiscoverEU “18 years old to explore Europe” – Preparation of the DiscoverEU Inception Report

ICF NEXT: DG EMPL / EC – Multi-Annual Campaign on the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan – Revision of the Campaign’s Outreach Strategy

ICF NEXT: DG JUST / EC – Communication Activities on the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) Programme – Tender Revision / Consulting / Editing

Projects June – September 2022

ICF NEXT: DG SANTE / EC – Integrated Communication Campaign on Cancer Screening – Tender Revision / Consulting / Editing

Sidièse: San Pellegrino and Perrier – Translation of various CSR narratives for user tests from English into German

ICF NEXT: DG ECHO / EC – EU’s Resilience to Climate-Related Disasters in Europe and Worldwide – Tender Revision / Consulting / Editing > WON!

Phrenos / C4E: EFSA / EC – Support to EFSA’s Communication Activities (Lot 1) – Research / Context / General Methodology / Consulting / Editing

ICF NEXT: eu-LISA / EC – Framework Contract for Integrated Event Management Services (Lot 2) – Research / Context / Tender and Case Study Revision / Consulting / Editing

Projects January – June 2022

ICF NEXT: DG ECHO / EC – ‘Education in Emergencies’ Information & Awareness-Raising Campaign – Research / Context / Tender Revision / Consulting / Editing > WON!

ICF NEXT: DG JUST / EC – #yourEUright Consumer Rights Campaign – Preparation of the Final Campaign Report

ICF NEXT: REA / EC – “More than Food” Advertising Campaign in the GCC Region – Preparation of the Final Campaign Report

Phrenos / C4E: DG AGRI / EC – EU CAP Network Secretariat – Revision of the Communication Strategy for the EU CAP Network

ICF NEXT: DG JUST / EC – Awareness Raising Campaign on Victims’ Rights – Tender Revision / Consulting / Editing / Kick-off PowerPoint / Inception Report > WON!

ICF NEXT: REA / EC – More Than Food Great Stories Middle East Campaign – Prolongation 2021/2022 – Preparation of the Interim Campaign Report

mc Group: Bundespolizei / BMI – Personnel Recruitment Campaign of the German Federal Police – Lot 1 – Consulting & Planning Services as well as Graphic Implementation of Employer Communication and Staff Recruitment – Proposition of Vlog Concept and Social Media Campaign


Projects July – December 2021

ICF NEXT: REA / EC – More Than Food Great Stories Middle East Campaign – Preparation of the Final Campaign Report

ICF NEXT / Kommitment: DG INTPA / EC – Request For a Communication Action – Europe, Global Gateway – Tender Revision / Consulting / Editing

Phrenos / C4E: EUIPO / EC – Integrated Communication Services in the Field of Intellectual Property, Covering Public Relations and Campaigns, Digital Marketing, Design and Audiovisual Services – Proposal Preparation of Communication Activities / Research / Context / General Methodology / Consulting / Editing / Revision of Case Study

ICF NEXT / MediaBrands: EP – Planning and Buying of Digital Advertising Space for the European Parliament – Revision, Restructuring, and Edition of Four Case Studies > WON!


Projects January – June 2021

Marco de Comunicacion: DG EAC / EC – Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) – Research / Context > WON!

Phrenos / C4E: EIT / EC – FWC for the Provision of Communications and Event Organisation Services – Proposal Preparation of Communication Activities / Research / Context / General Methodology / Case Studies / Consulting / Editing

Phrenos / C4E: EEA / EC – Provision of Strategic Communication Services – Proposal Preparation of Communication Activities / Research / Context / General Methodology / Consulting / Editing

Phrenos / C4E: DG AGRI / EC –  European CAP Network – Logistical and Communication Support for Networking Activities (Lot 4) – Proposal Preparation of Communication Activities / Research / Context / General Methodology / Consulting / Editing > WON!

Bell & Holmes: Primary Research for Market Insights, M&A and Strategy Supporting Strategy Consultancies (Big Three, Big Four, and boutique), Private Equity Firms and Corporate – Expert Interviews

Projects 2020

  • GOPA Com.: CHAFEA / EC – BTSF Academy e-learning modules – Research (Consortium Partner Specialised in eLearning, Experts, Context) > WON!
  • mc Group: DG COMM / EC – European Green Deal Campaign – Communication Strategy / Methodology (Content, Stakeholder Engagement) / Consulting
  • Phrenos: DG COMM / EC – Mixed Multiple Framework Contract for Thematic Communication Services, Advertising, and Media Planning – Proposal Preparation of Communication Activities / Research / Context / General Methodology / Revision of the Case Studies / Consulting / Editing
  • Phrenos: EASME / EC – Inter-Institutional Multiple Framework Contract in Cascade for the Provision of Services in the Field of Communication and Organisation of Events – Proposal Preparation of Communication Activities / Research / Context / General Methodology / Consulting / Editing
  • Caritas CZ: DG JUST / EC – Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme – Support for Women in the Process of Getting Out of Violence – Revision of the Project Design / Consulting / Editing

Projects 2019

  • GOPA Com.: EASME / EC – SME’s Needs Analysis in Public Procurement – Proposal Preparation of Communication Activities / Research / Context / General Methodology / Case Studies
  • Caritas CZ: USAID – Strengthening Moldova’s Capacity to Address Child Online Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse (COSESA) – Revision of the Project Design and Communication Strategy / Consulting / Editing
  • Caritas CZ: EaSi / EC Social Innovation/ National Reforms – Long-term Care in Serbia – Revision of the Project Design and Communication Strategy / Consulting / Editing > WON!
  • Proman: EuropeAid – Design and Implementation of a Communication Policy on Decentralisation and Deconcentration in Tunisia – Revision of the Communication Strategy / Consulting
  • ICWE GmbH: EIT Health / EC – Communication and Dissemination Services – External and Internal Events Management – Proposal Preparation of Communication Activities / Research / Context / General Methodology / Pitch / Amendments to the Strategy
  • GOPA Com.: EASME / EC – Sustainable Energy Investment Forums – Service Framework Contract – Proposal Preparation of Communication Activities / Research / Context / General Methodology / Case Studies

Projects 2018

  • MARCO de Comunicación: DG REGIO / EC – The Road Trip Project 2019 Spring Edition. A European Experience by Youth and for Youth. – Request Preparation of the Communication Activities / Consulting / Editing
  • GOPA Com.: EASME / EC – European Light Industries Innovation and Technologies (ELIIT) Project – Proposal Preparation of the Communication Activities / Research / Context / General Methodology / Strategy > WON!
  • GOPA Com.: EASME / EC – High-Tech Skills for Industry: Fostering New Services and Jobs Creation – Proposal Preparation of the Communication Activities / Research / Context / General Methodology / Strategy
  • B&S Europe: EuropeAid /EC – International Digital Transformation – Enhanced Data Protection and Dataflows – Revision of the Communication Strategy / Consulting
  • Vision Communication: Energy Cities – EU Association of Local Authorities in Energy Transition
  • Dharma Factory: Research and Consulting on Microsoft’s CSR Education Program 

Personal Project 2017 – 2019

“People of the Mediterranean” was an innovative interview project and blog created by me in summer 2017. The project aimed to connect people and cultures across the Mediterranean and beyond. The initiative focused on giving a voice to young Mediterranean entrepreneurs and creatives.

The blog aimed to give a voice to young people on both shores of the Mediterranean. They speak about their projects and stories, and about the opportunities and challenges of their countries.

The interviews of the 1st pilot edition were done in Tunisia in September 2017. They have been published on the project website in 2018/2019.

Main tasks: Website creation and management, identification of the interviewees, realisation of the interviews, video-editing, content creation, social media management.

CSR Health Project ‘Health at Heart’ – TOTAL M&S (Africa Division)

In 2014, TOTAL wanted to address the rising of cardiovascular diseases in Africa. In my role as a strategy researcher, I intensively worked on a study that revealed the opportunities for action and TOTAL’s role in them. The result was the development of the CSR health prevention program Health at Heart (La santé à Coeur). Starting in 2016 with a pilot-project in Tunisia, Congo, and Senegal, La santé à cœur has been implemented first in more than 40 countries in Africa Middle-East.

The program was designed around three lines of community actions to promote healthy lifestyles: 1. Employee engagement at the workplace, 2. Support of local NGOs and health organisations to conduct community screenings for cardiovascular disease and associated risk factors, 3. Awareness-raising through local activities.

To help TOTAL’s subsidiaries to implement the programme, I wrote the project implementation handbook and worked on all related awareness-raising and communication materials (logo, branding, illustrations, presentations, posters, moderators’ guide for focus groups, employee workbook).

Mobiliz, Renault’s Socially Responsible Garages – Renault

In 2016, Renault wanted to design a website to better communicate on its CSR project Renault Mobiliz and to connect with its beneficiaries. The project helps low-income job seekers in France to buy a car or have their car repaired at a reduced cost improving so their chances to find a job.

As part of the strategy team, I worked on the commercial offer to win the project and then on the new design of the website. I tested the content, the usability and different functionalities of the website’s front and back office with potential beneficiaries, mediating NGOs and the Renault garages in France. The website was launched in September 2017.

Additionally, I developed Mobiliz’s communication strategy, including its social media strategy, so to raise awareness among all target groups.

Global Road Safety CSR Strategy – Total S.A.

To prepare future business challenges TOTAL engaged in an internal restructuration process that also defined its relationships with society. TOTAL created a new CSR on ‘Road Safety, Mobility, Poverty & Sea Safety” and asked for support to define its mission and an action roadmap.

During a period of 3 months in 2017, I worked with TOTAL on its global new road safety strategy. A Design thinking workshop in Paris and interviews with TOTAL staff worldwide including road safety specialists, branch and subsidiary directors revealed new ideas and lines of actions. To better understand how TOTAL is perceived and which CSR road safety actions will be legitimate and useful, I conducted interviews with external national and international stakeholders such as the WHO, the GRSP, IBSR and the Red Cross.

The recommended CSR mission and roadmap was closely linked to contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

School contest ‘generations@school’ –  European Commission (DG EMPL)

The generations@school project invited schools across Europe to open their classrooms to older generations and discuss how older and younger people can collaborate for a better life. It was created as part of the European Year for Active Ageing between Generations 2012, launched by the European Commission.

With over 350 contributions, the contest was such a success that it was re-launched as a stand-alone initiative in 2013 with a focus on Europe. The students and the elderly were invited to think about what they can do together to build a better Europe for all generations.

In both years, I created the contest resources for teachers and students and was responsible for designing the participation rules and selection criteria.

For dissemination purposes, I did mappings of EU multiplier organisations, wrote press releases and other written content testifying of the creativity and ongoing intergenerational exchanges and activities.

European Year for Active Ageing & Solidarity between Generations 2012 – European Commission (DG EAC)

The European Year for Active Ageing & Solidarity between Generations 2012 (EY2012) promoted a new vision on ageing and raised awareness of the contribution that older people make to society. My former company designed a large-scale campaign and organised a total of 113 events in all EU Member States as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.

As a member of the strategy team, I worked on the European school contest generations@school and the Senior Force Day that was held all over Europe to promote volunteering among the elderly.

During the EY2012, I brainstormed ideas, co-designed activities, wrote related communication materials, mapped potential participating organizations as well as multipliers and supported different teams thanks to my language skills.

‘On the Road to Safety’ CSR school programme – Total S.A.

Children and young people are the biggest victims of road accidents worldwide. TOTAL wanted to redesign their ‘On the road to safety’ (En route pour ta sécurité) CSR programme aimed at primary school children.

As part of the strategy team, I worked on an initial case study, consulting TOTAL employees, local stakeholders and participating schools worldwide, to see how the project has been implemented up-to-then.

Based on the study, we proposed to build a participation and community building strategy around their existing fun educational tool, the Road Safety Cube.

We designed different materials including an implementation handbook for TOTAL project managers, a teachers guide with different road safety materials and awareness-raising activities as well as a student handbook. Activities included a road safety audit of the school surroundings so that simple and cost-effective improvement measures can be identified. This approach allows for easy deployment of the project in different local contexts worldwide.

European Network on Inclusive Education & Disability – ONCE Foundation

For the Spanish ONCE Foundation, I coordinated their European Network on Inclusive Education & Disability (incluD-ed) between 2012 and 2015. incluD-ed aimed to promote good practices in the field of inclusive education and employability for people with disabilities across Europe.

I defined and implemented the network’s member and policy strategy. To advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, I wrote policy papers on various issues such as Erasmus+ or PISA that were shared with the European Commission, the European Parliament, the OECD as well as the UNESCO

I also frequently presented the network at events and conferences all over Europe and was in regular contact with the EU network members. My tasks furthermore included website content and social media management.

Project highlights: Open Hearing and Written Declaration on Inclusive Education at the European Parliament, collaboration with the UNESCO on Inclusive TVET, publication of two good practice guides and a study on quality factors for inclusive schools.

Health Pilot Project ‘Together’ – European Commission (DG SANTE)

To promote healthy habits among pregnant and breastfeeding women in the EU my former company designed an innovative pilot-project in six European cities to identify good practices and to inspire other European cities to take action. The project focused on reaching especially young mothers, immigrants, and women with lower income, who sometimes struggle to access fresh foods and other healthy lifestyle options.

‘Together’ promoted being healthy as something more than just a balanced diet and regular physical exercise. It’s a balance of physical, mental and social well-being that is supported by the social bonds between the women through group activities like yoga classes or cooking workshops.

At the start of the implementation phase of the project, I collaborated in the design of a 2-day workshop and animated the different activities for the participating project partners of each city. During the workshop, the participants developed their own activities, depending on the special needs, resources and potential partners of their community.

CSR Project ‘Safe Roads 4 Youth’ – Various public and private partners

Drink-driving is a critical issue in developing countries such as Vietnam, Argentina, and South Africa. Safe Roads 4 Youth (SR4Y), an action-research prevention project on drink driving addressed this issue. It was launched by a French multinational as part of their CSR actions.

To develop and implement the project, we have partnered with major non-profit organisations such as Handicap International in Vietnam, Red Cross in Argentina and Global Road Safety Partnership in South Africa and specialised research teams from local universities.

Participation and exchange were the pillars of the project approach. Local citizens and young adults were engaged to develop actions and activities that curb down drink driving. To empower them, SR4Y provided training, capacity-building, workshops and raised awareness among local populations.

As part of the strategy team, I worked on the project at different stages providing relevant strategies as well as content.

Study on IP in School Curricula in Europe – European Commission (EUIPO)

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) wanted to explore how IP is taught in primary and secondary schools (for ages 4 to 18) in all 27 European Member states.

As a member of the strategy team, I developed a benchmarking study that also included the most innovative countries at international levels such as Shanghai and Singapore. I researched school curricula, liaised with international IP experts and drew conclusions on the issues, methods and activities we identified as good practices in IP education.

The study assists educational policymakers in the EU to meet the challenges of the digital era and highlights the potential of IP education to be adapted to cross-cultural teaching.

European Road Safety Charter – European Commission (DG MOVE)

Since 2004, DG MOVE raises awareness on road safety as a shared responsibility for civil society and companies at the local, national and European level. The European Road Safety Charter (ERSCharter) brings together more than 4,000 public and private entities, research institutions, universities and schools that have launched road safety actions benefiting their members, employees and the society.

As a member of the strategy team, I was involved several times in successfully tendering and renewing the project. I liaised with potential partners, wrote the communication strategy and came up with proposals to restructure and revamp the ERSCharter website that showcases existing commitments, highlights road safety initiatives, and welcomes potential participants as they join the online community.

The ERSCharter proposes many activities including training programmes, conferences, webinars, and workshops.

My story

I grew up in Germany but fell in love with the Mediterranean where I'm living for over 10 years now. I first lived in the South of France (Avignon, Montpellier) before moving to Barcelona, Spain, in 2012. This cosmopolitan city and the many fascinating encounters simply made and make me stay.

After my studies of Foreign Applied Languages, Communication Science, Intercultural Communication, Business Administration, Marketing and International Relations in Germany and France, I started working in a communication and consulting agency in Spain (P.A.U. Education). For over five years, I worked on European communication campaigns as well as on social and educational CSR and development projects in Europe and worldwide.

My love for foreign languages and cultures take me traveling a lot in Europe, Asia and Africa whenever possible. In my leisure time, I also keep learning languages, adding to my fluent English, French, Spanish and German. Every language opens up a new perspective on the world and new ways of thinking!

In 2017, I started an innovative interview project and blog called ‘People of the Mediterranean’. The project aimed to connect people and cultures across the Mediterranean and beyond. The initiative focused on young entrepreneurs and creatives from the over 20 Mediterranean countries.

The first interviews of the project were done in Tunisia in September 2017. The 10 interviews of this first pilot edition have been published on the project website in 2018. www.peopleofthemediterranean.com

People of the Mediterranean

An innovative interview project that aims to connect people and cultures across the Mediterranean and beyond.

Let's stay in touch

Do you have questions? I am here to provide you with more information and answer any question you may have to create an effective solution tailored to your needs.

+34 6333 04 673


Skype annett.raebel

Barcelona. Spain.

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